High level of protection
Cryptographic algorithm resistant to date is used for encryption AES-256-GCM
Bypass of the blockings
Full access to YouTube content, Unblocking of FaceBook, VKontakte and other social networks. Secure download from torrent trackers.
Large number of countries!
When connecting, you will be assigned an IP-address of the server you have chosen!


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MultiVPN - Secure, Reliable, Fast, VPN Service

Safety in the Internet plays an important role for both business and simply surfing, for downloading files and for business conversations. All your traffic is going through open communication channels and can be intercepted and used by hackers to steal E-Mail passwords, forum profiles and confidential information. If you would like to be sure that you traffic won’t be intercepted, to hide your activity from Internet provider or administrator who has blocked access to the resources of interest, to download games from Xbox market and files from torrent trackers – then MultiVPN is your best solution. When connecting, you will be assigned an IP-address of the server you have chosen, and traffic to the server will be encrypted wherever you are (at the Internet café, university, airport or hotel).

MultiVPN - providing services on secure data exchange over open communication channels, as well as anonymity on the Internet by hiding the real IP-address.

Advantages MultiVPN service:

  • Shadowsocks. Bypass DPI (Deep packet inspection) locks in China, Uzbekistan and other countries.
  • Anonymity. Your IP-address will be replaced by the address of destination server of a tunnel chain OpenVPN;
  • ISP and other tracking services. Nobody are able to check your internet activity;
  • (Perfect forward secrecy) Each your connection to our VPN server is encrypted with a unique session encryption key, which is destoyed after the disconnect;
  • We use the most protected encryption protocols: RSA 4096. Symmetrical encryption: AES-256-GCM and AES-256-CBC. Hash function: SHA-2;
  • A wide range of services VPN: OpenVPN and DoubleVPN;
  • Logging is switched off on all servers of the service (but it doesn’t give you the right to use the service for illegal purposes);
  • Automatic replacement of provider DNS. Your DNS requests are not fixed on your provider’s logs;
  • Unlimited traffic. No limitation on speed, ports, traffic;
  • High speed. All servers are connected to high channel Internet. It allows you to comfortably surf websites and simultaneously download a movie, torrent's or music;
  • 21+ servers in 19 different countries in total, single, double and triple VPN with all variations of inbound servers and configurations in double and triple VPN!

If you experience problems connecting to the service, contact the technical support Jabber: support@multi-vpn.biz or E-Mail: support@multi-vpn.biz [PGP]