High level of protection
Cryptographic algorithm resistant to date is used for encryption AES-256-GCM
Bypass of the blockings
Full access to YouTube content, Unblocking of FaceBook, VKontakte and other social networks. Secure download from torrent trackers.
Large number of countries!
When connecting, you will be assigned an IP-address of the server you have chosen!


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MultiVPN service rules

Contract offer

Public offer agreement for individuals and legal entities from 11/18/2017. Effective from the date of publication.

The MultiVPN project, which is located on the domain name multi-vpn.biz, is entirely owned by RusKod Networks Solutions Ltd. (hereinafter the company).

These terms and conditions apply to all tariffs and services provided by the company in the countries in which the services are provided.

Registration and replenishment of the client’s personal account in the company's billing system means complete agreement with the following terms and conditions.

This contract governs the relationship between the company and the company's client (hereinafter the client). This offer contract does not require signing in writing.

1. Registration procedure

1.1 The client is registered in the company's billing at https://multi-vpn.biz. When registering all fields are required.

1.2 Registration term is unlimited. The client can pay for the ordered services at any time, however, the payment will be made in accordance with the current rates.

1.3 The company reserves the right to refuse to provide services without giving a reason with the full return of all funds.

2. Payment procedure

2.1 The service is paid by the client from the billing company independently.

2.2 All services are provided only on the basis of 100% prepayment. The test period is available at the request of employees.

2.3 Payment is made by available methods, at the customer's choice.

2.4 In the case of automatic payment - the fact of payment is considered perfect only if it is registered by the automatic interfaces of the billing company.

2.5 To make a payment in manual mode, the client needs to contact an employee of the company and agree on the payment. In this case, the fact of payment is considered perfect after it is registered by an employee of the company in billing.

2.6 The exchange rate in relation to USD is set by the company independently.

2.7 Payment may be added commission of intermediaries and payment systems.

2.8 All payments are made only through automatic billing interfaces, in case of a manual payment without prior approval, a 20% manual charge is deducted from it.

3. Refund.

3.1 The client has the right to return funds for unused services in full, funds are credited only to the client’s account in the billing company and can be spent on any other services of the company, transferred to another client’s account, or returned to the client’s account in the payment system.

3.2 Refunds are made within 45 days, in a manner at the discretion of the company.

3.3 For a refund, you must make a request to an employee of the company with all registration data, as well as data for access to the ordered service and the reasons for refusal of services.

4. The refund procedure

4.1 The refund will be denied in case of a clear violation of the terms of the services provided, described in this offer.

4.2. From the refund amount, a transfer fee is charged in the amount of 1.5% of the amount transferred.

4.3 In the event that the fault of the client to whom the refund is made, the company incurred losses (shutting down servers, networks, getting IP into the blacklist, etc.) from the refund amount, the amount of costs is subtracted, depending on each specific case.

4.4 Refund is not made in case of violation of these rules by the client.

5. Rights and obligations of the client

5.1 Resale of the company's services without the consent of the company's employee is prohibited.

5.2 The client is provided with VPN access to the company's VPN network and the client is fully responsible for this.

5.3 The client is obliged to monitor the compliance of all the posted materials (including links to them) using the company's VPN network and be responsible for compliance with the laws on copyright and related rights and current legislation (depending on the country where the VPN server is used).

5.4 The Client is fully responsible for his public statements and actions against the company. In case of unprovability of any claims and / or charges, the company reserves the right to go to court.

5.5 The client has the right to use the company's VPN network for any purpose, except for those contrary to the laws of the country where the VPN server is used by the client, laws on copyright and related rights, as well as ethical and moral standards.

6. Prohibited content and software

6.1 Using the company's VPN network - placing adult content (pornography), including links to it, eroticism, including links to it, advertising containing erotic and pornographic scenes is prohibited.

6.2 It is prohibited to place information, software that contradicts the laws of the country where the VPN server is used, laws on copyright and related rights, as well as violating generally accepted standards of morality and ethics.

6.3 It is forbidden to use and host software for mass mailings, message submitters, botnets, grabbing, phishing, and other purposes that are clearly contrary to the legal work on the Internet.

6.4 It is forbidden to use and place network scanners, proxy checkers, brute forcers and similar software.

6.5 Links to software and content, etc., which is unlicensed. In addition, these actions are punishable, as legally considered complicity in the violation of intellectual property rights.

7. Rights and obligations of the company

7.1 The company's services are provided "as is", the company reserves the right to revise the rules for the provision of services, including pricing and tariff characteristics at any time, without prior notice and unilaterally, the new rules come into effect at the time of publication on the company's website.

7.2 The Company undertakes to maintain the VPN network in working condition, to eliminate all faults as soon as possible.

7.3 The Company undertakes to maintain current prices, at the level of average market prices and below.

7.4 The Company does not guarantee 100% uptime of the VPN network.

7.5 The Company is not responsible for the inadvertent disclosure of confidential or other other information, as well as cases of fraud by third parties, intentional obstruction of the company's services, theft and damage to customer information.

7.6 The company is not responsible for the inability to access the company's VPN network through the fault of third parties (for example, Internet service providers).

7.7 The company reserves the right to stop the services and servers of the VPN network for: scheduled maintenance, due to DDoS or other network attacks, other force majeure circumstances.

7.8 The Company, by virtue of its capabilities and desires, provides support in Russian and English. The response time to a request for support is not guaranteed and not limited. We try to ensure that you receive a quick response from the support service.

7.9 The Company is not responsible for the operation of third-party software on the client equipment, including software obtained in the company's billing.

8. The company reserves the right to suspend the provision of access to the VPN network and / or network resource or protocol located on the Internet, at its sole discretion, immediately and without warning in the event of:

8.1 Unauthorized distribution or copying of software protected by copyright, violation of the laws of the country where the VPN server is located, other international norms and agreements, fraud, trafficking in pornographic / erotic materials, drugs, and other illegal activities.

8.2 Mass mailings for which no explicit consent was given - SPAM.

8.3 Libel, distribution of personal information, violation of copyright and related rights, intellectual rights.

8.4 Distribution of adult content, in all its manifestations, including links to other sites, erotica.

8.5 Violation of the rights of privacy and property. Placing slanderous and abusive information, aiding and abetting ethnic hatred, murder, terrorism, violence in any form.

8.6 In case of obstruction of normal and stable operation of the VPN network, servers, and the general operation of the company.

8.7 Incorrect communication with company employees, including using profanity, spreading slanderous information about the company.

9. The company is not responsible

9.1 For the choice by the client of the operating system, software, hardware used and the consequences that this may entail.

9.2 For any kind of direct and indirect damage, loss of information, business reputation and other cases of damage.

10. Disclaimer (Waiver of Liability)

10.1 Goods and services, offered by us as a Merchant are not provided on order or by request of a person or entity, running WebMoney Transfer System. We hereby act as an independent entity providing services and making independent decisions on pricing and offers. Entities, running WebMoney Transfer System do not receive any commission, interest fees or any other awards/refunds for the provided goods or services and are not liable for our activities.

10.2 Verification, performed by WebMoney Transfer System only confirms the accuracy of our contact details and proves our identity. Verification is performed by our own free will and doesn't mean or show our connection to the commercial activity of WebMoney Transfer System Operators.